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Facebook Live Crystal Sales!!

Did you know we host regular Live Sales on Facebook?

And. We. Love. Them!

They are so much fun - we get to chat to you guys, show you brand new beautiful pieces that we have hand picked and have a laugh!!

Our community over on Facebook is AMAZING! We feel like a family - our members have become our friends and what a great way for us to all get together from all over the UK (and World)!

It all kind of started on a whim - to launch us out in the world of social media! and my gosh, if you run an online business or have ever tried to look into algorithms - its a whole different world, right? and going LIVE is pretttttty daunting - we cringed at the thought to begin with - the nerves were very real - and still are to be honest - but we are so blessed that we have our wee crystal tribe and they are incredible! They are patient, supportive, friendly and, well, we love them! - so a massive THANK YOU to all you beautiful people!

So...before I waffle and go completely on track - I thought I'd try my best to explain how exactly it all works because we have changed things slightly as we go along to help adapt and make it an enjoyable experience if you are doing a little shopping or just fancy coming for a natter <3

We source new stock ALLLL the time (we are literally like children in a sweet shop with an almighty bag of delicious pick n mix!) to keep our website stocked and to find all those new treasures. We hand select every single item, some in person, and some online - but either way each and every single piece is selected by either myself or Tess. We do this intuitively - although we do try to keep a stock for our website and Etsy of the more popular minerals, crystals and items.

But - before any of this goes on our Website, Etsy or to any events, we bring it all to our Facebook lives AND we offer our beautiful Facebook community 10% off everything as a thank you for being with us.

So here's essentially how it runs....

  1. Come and join us for our Live Stream Sales on Facebook. - Dates are posted to our social media in advance so you know when they are coming up. We are aiming to hold this on a set day and time eventually too <3

  2. During the live sale with have a grid layout - we show the item and discuss what it is and what beautiful properties it holds, along with the full price (10% is then taken OFF all shown prices) and then we pop it into a number on the grid - all you need to do is say "number 2 please" or "sold 4" etc :)

  3. Browse for 48 hours after via the galleries tab only in our Group - Once our live sale has ended we upload what's left into albums in our Facebook group. You can browse and continue to add to your order with 10% for 48 hours after <3 we know some can't make it so we have always done this to give everyone a little more time without having to troll back over the live sale video.

  4. Live Sale closes after the 2 day browsing period and invoices are sent via Paypal - if you are new please pop us a message as soon as you can with your email address for this - Facebook does not allow us to message you first sometimes.

  5. Invoices must be paid within 48 hours unless agreed otherwise (just pop us a message)

  6. Upon payment please let us know if you'd like your box Held or Posted/ready for collection. - (A Hold Box simply means that your beauties are paid for but that we will Hold for you untill you are ready for it to be posted - meaning you can browse or join us for more than one live sale and only pay for postage once.)

  7. Any non payments after 48 hours will be sent one reminder - after a further 24 hours they will be cancelled and items will be put into the next live or onto our website.

  8. But do please get in touch if you need extra time to pay prior to it being cancelled and we will always be as accommodating as possible.

After this anything that remains goes onto this Website and some onto our Etsy store :)

So do come and join us, we love to see new names, meet new people and get connecting <3 there is never any obligation to buy anything you are more than welcome to just come see what its all about or do a bit of window shopping :)

All the relevant links are at the bottom of the page <3

Big love,

Louise & Tess


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