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How do crystals affect the body??

The human body is crystalline in nature, which is why crystals and humans connect so deeply.

Crystals affect the human body by virtue of their vibration the same way any one thing affects any other thing.

Crystals are able to store energy.... They can hold positive or negative energy. This is why its important to regularly cleanse your crystal.

They also carry a personal energy related both to the individual crystal and to the kind of crystal it is.

All humans are designed to hold their own vibration but can sometimes be knocked off balance by day to day problems and stresses lowering the vibration you are vibrating at in turn lowering your mood energy and the balance within you.

Crystals can assist you gently in regaining vibrational alignment.

For instance Smoky quartz naturally draws negativity from a person who is ready to shed that negativity and in turn aids in the protection of the user.

Lepidolite contains high quantities of lithium which is used in medicinal terms to help stabilise the mind. Making the subtle energies of this stone perfect for working on self, the effects this can have on the mind and body can result in attitude change, increased drive, self-confidence, and finding joy within the little things.

Finding a connection with your crystals before working with them will aid in the potency of the healing required.


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