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How to choose your perfect crystal!

Whether you are new to the crystal tribe (welcome :) ) or you are just a little overwhelmed by the variety of wonder there is to choose from - we have a little guide that we think might help....

Your crystals are just as unique as you are!

You may have read that a certain crystal helps with a certain task - or that your friend had a huge energy shift after using a specific mineral...... so of course, you run straight to the store (Pachamama's of course haha) and snap up the most beautiful piece .... but you just don't feel the same connection! Don't be disheartened - this is COMPLETELY NORMAL! Crystals are never a "one size fits all" kinda thing - that's why its so important to always listen to your own intuition and your own body - 9 times out of 10 - the crystal will find you <3


Never second guess yourself - when you see that one shiney beauty and you immediately "need" it - don't question it - there is likely a reason it is calling you babe <3

Don't forget though - we are always here to help - in any way we can. If you have a question, query, or just fancy a chat - pop us a message on FB or Insta or send us an email - one of us is always here <3 and we LOVE to connect with you all!

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