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the best crystals for going back to school

Whether your little ones are heading into school for the very first time, transitioning to a new school or moving up to the next year - heading Back To School can bring up a whole range of emotions for children (and parents!!!) We prepare ourselves practically by stocking up on the essentials - school uniforms - stationary - lunch boxes and whatnot - but sometimes we overlook preparing ourselves emotionally & spiritually....

....we are here to help!! - Children work so so perfectly with crystal energy! They are open and spiritual to the natural world around them, everything is alive and everything is magical. Ever wondered why your child is so drawn to the pebbles on a beach, and the shells they find and fill their pockets with these little wonders to bring home? - it is because they are naturally and intuitively drawn to their energies <3 The same thing applies to crystals.

We have compiled a little list of some of the best crystals to help with new beginnings, mental clarity and much more…

Black Obsidian

Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, it can form a protective shield against negativity and negative environmental energies. It helps to draw out mental stress and tension and stimulates growth. It will encourage exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons whilst keeping you firmly grounded.


Amethyst is most well known for relieving stress and strain. Its beautiful calming energy soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.


O Fluorite - we LOVE fluorite! The power house for concentration and staying on track. Having this beauty nearby, in your pocket or on your desk can aid in absorption of information and keep you calm whilst facing difficult tasks. We think Fluorite is the ideal study companion for sure!

Rainbow Moonstone

This magical stone is best known for assisting with new beginnings and accepting change. It will help to ease those anxieties and nerves making the end of summer transition smoother and calmer.


The little gem of happiness. Keeping citrine on or around you can help to amplify those good mood vibes. It will help you to keep a positive outlook on all situations and add a little spring in your step at the same time

Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love! Rose Quartz will bring calmness and kindness to you and others around you. It will help you find that love within and assist you in spreading kindness and joy to others. If there's one thing we can always use a little more of - its love and kindness - it makes the most daunting tasks feel a little bit easier to conquer!

If you would like any help at all in assisting your little ones with anything - please get in touch - we would be honoured to help in any way we can <3

Likewise - if you feel you’d like a little crystal energy assistance but aren’t sure what would be best or would like a little more info of guidance, do reach out - we are here for you <3


Louise & Tess


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